what’s new this fall?

The start of the 2022 school year will take place with a minimum of health restrictions this Thursday, September 1. Without a mask and without social distancing, the 12 million French students will however know some changes. A « mathematics » option is back in the program for first class high school students, schoolchildren will have 30 minutes of sport a day, France Bleu takes stock.

Return of « optional » math in Première from the start of the school year

Last June, Emmanuel Macron announced the return of mathematics « optional », « not required »in Première class from September 1st. « There will always be the maths specialty, but there will be the possibility offered to all students to choose outside the specialty the hour and a half of mathematics that had been taken out of the common core »he added.

Since the high school reform in 2019, mathematics was no longer part of the subjects taught to all high school students (the common core). Previously, even students in the literary stream benefited from mathematical education. An expert report recommended in March to reintroduce mathematics in the common core from the First class, at the rate of an hour and a half to two hours more per week. A proposal which was also in Emmanuel Macron’s programcandidate for re-election.

30 minutes of sport per day in elementary school

Also on June 2, Emmanuel Macron also announced that « from the start of the school year, elementary school students would do 30 minutes of sport every day ». After promising a year ago to generalize the measure by 2024, for the 2024 Olympics, the head of state had made it a campaign promise. The measure has already been implemented in 7,000 schools.

As indicated by the Ministry of National Education, schoolchildren do not need to bring sportswear. More than sports, we talk more about physical activities in the playground such as ball games, relay races or jump rope. Each school organizes these activities itselfdepending on the structures at its disposal.

140 colleges will experiment with two more hours of sport per week at the start of the school year

« 140 colleges commit to the start of the new school year in September 2022 in the experimentation of two more hours of sport per week », announced for his part the Minister of National Education Pap Ndiaye during his back-to-school press conference on August 26th. The objective is « to learn better and to fight against a sedentary lifestyle »says the minister.

Assessments extended to CM1 and 4e

Since 2018, students in CP, CE1, sixth and second classes take assessments to measure their academic achievements. From mid-September, as part of an experiment, the pupils of CM1 and fourth will also carry out these tests. The Ministry of National Education has not yet indicated the number of students and the academies concerned, but these assessments should be generalized next year. They will focus on French, « especially the mastery of reading and writing »and mathematics.

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