Whatever the outcome in 2022, Ferrari « trying to be ready for 2023 »

Successor to Maurizio Arrivabene at the start of 2019, Mattia Binotto has been dealing with the pressure inherent in the role of director of Scuderia Ferrari for more than three years. Under his command, the Italian team experienced the painful 2020 season but is also experiencing a return to the fore this year which sees it fight for the title, even if mistakes cost it dearly against Red Bull during the first part of the season. .

Interviewed exclusively by Motorsport.com As for possible difficult moments to live these last 18 months, Mattia Binotto answers with the smile and especially with lucidity: « Every day! It has certainly not been an easy journey since 2019, when I took the place of team manager, and until today. We went through 2020, a very difficult year, then 2021 But even 2022, because you’re fighting for the best, and sometimes there are races where you don’t get what matches the potential of the car. So it’s not an easy year. But what I can say is that I’m happy in this role. I’m happy because I know I have a great team. The team is united. It’s great to see them working together. »

Ferrari started their season in a strong position but Scuderia’s form faded against Red Bull as the weeks passed. A series of Grands Prix often made up of missed opportunities or mistakes, both on the part of the team and the drivers. We also had to deal with reliability problems that came up too often. However, Mattia Binotto does not intend to upset things and rather perceives the second part of the coming season as the next stage in the progression of his troops.

« I don’t believe there is anything different to do »he warns. « I think it’s just about continuing our journey of continuously improving, step by step, focusing on each race. I think we have the potential to win races right now. It’s just to make sure that when we go under the checkered flag, we’re in first place. But that doesn’t mean we have to change our approach. »

« As I’ve said before, there’s no magic bullet, so I don’t think we need to change. We’ve proven that we’re doing a good job. It’s just about achieve it step by step, to get used to it, and whatever the outcome of the 2022 season, we try to be ready for 2023. »

Interview by Jonathan Noble

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