what you need to know about Mauro Icardi’s (very media) ex-companion

Wanda Nara, who has decided to part ways with Mauro Icardi, whom she publicly accuses of infidelity, is arguably one of the best-known women in the world of football. The 34-year-old Argentinian model made a name for herself through her first marriage with a friend of her husband’s, but also through her activity on Italian television.

Wanda Nara launched the « telenovela » of the moment. That of his break with Mauro Icardi, the center-forward of Paris Saint-Germain. By posting multiple Instagram stories about it, the 34-year-old model has chosen to display her conjugal setbacks for all to see. This way of digesting the infidelity of the footballer is not surprising, so much this star born in Boulogne Sur Mer (an Argentinian city in the agglomeration of Buenos Aires, so named in homage to the French port), likes to expose his life and enjoy spotlights to carry out your business woman’s boat.

A tumultuous encounter

This hype thus marks the end (at least for now) of a relationship of more than seven years. The two lovers, who had two children (Francesca and Isabella), were married in the spring of 2014, during two celebrations amply documented by the press people. But this union, and it is a shame, was built on a sulphurous love triangle. Before becoming Ms. Icardi, Wanda Nara had been the wife of Argentine footballer Maxi Lopez since 2008. The latter played for FC Barcelona when they met. Above all, he was one of Mauro Icardi’s best friends.

There is a photo that has become well known to fans of the dossier, showing Mauro Icardi who, still in Barça’s youth teams, gets an autograph from Maxi Lopez. Nine years apart separate the two men, who become friends. It is under these conditions that Mauro Icardi meets Wanda Nara and the couple’s three children (Valentino, Constantino, Benedicto).

During her break with Maxi Lopez, Wanda Nara had already opted for the great public unpacking. « It’s enough for me, » she tweeted in October 2013, to accuse her ex-husband of infidelity. A month later, she was openly flirting with Mauro Icardi on the same social network. « We ended up together without realizing it. (…) He told me he didn’t want to play with me, but wanted a serious relationship, » she said later.

A very prominent businesswoman

Beyond the stories of the heart, Wanda Nara then becomes Mauro Icardi’s agent. Taking advantage of the good performance in the field, she multiplies her husband’s salary to exceed the threshold of five million euros per year. The scorer even gets the captain’s armband. « Being both his wife and agent does not necessarily say a lot about me, but much more about Mauro who had the courage, not to say anything else, to choose me », she said, quoted by The Magazine Team.

To have even more weight in discussions with clubs, Wanda Nara occupies the media space. At the time, she was notably a columnist for a football talk show on television. His style is quickly noticed, with unfiltered statements. Her status as an active woman in the world of football and her appetite for equivocal photos also make her a prime target for other consultants, but also for supporters. By force, she ended up collapsing in tears on a set, against the backdrop of open conflict between Mauro Icardi and Inter.

A reputation greater than that of Icardi

In Italy, which she now considers « her country », Wanda Nara is a star. His popularity is even higher than that of Mauro Icardi. She has 8.9 million followers on Instagram, he has 7.1 million. This explains, for example, that an Italian reality TV type Big brother recruited her before the pandemic to comment on the candidates’ actions.

The model has also embarked on the creation of a clothing line. But today she is concentrating her efforts on a cosmetics brand in Argentina, Wanda Cosmetics. And this is precisely what she has taken care to highlight since her breakup.

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