What will Porsche’s new 7-seater electric SUV look like?

In 2002, the Cayenne was the very first SUV in Porsche. Although purists were shocked, the strong sales results proved the company right. The same thing happened recently with the Taycan, the electric flagship that overtook the 911 as the brand’s best-selling car.

Soon, Porsche will try to repeat itself with the launch of a Electric SUV unpublished at 7 seats which should arrive in 2026 with shapes close to those of our illustration.

A Porsche never seen before

There has been talk of a new SUV for the Zuffenhausen manufacturer since 2021. Placed higher in the hierarchy than the Cayenne, this model bears – for the moment – the code name K1. Its design was previewed at Porsche’s Capital Markets Day last July, with a teaser showing a silhouette halfway between a crossover and a sedan.

Subsequently, a rendering of this same SUV will be presented to US dealers at a confidential event held at Porsche headquarters in Atlanta. Showroom representatives described the model to the American press as being longer and wider than a Cayenne, and with a « flat » tail totally different from that found in the brand’s current range.

Porsche SUV electric 7 posti, il render di Motor1.com

This is why we are imagining an SUV with unconventional lines, with shapes as muscular as they are fluid, partly inspired by the Taycan sedan.

At the same time, the rear could look more like that of a coupe than a true crossover and should take inspiration from the Tesla Model X (and market rival). After all, the American SUV has already shown that, despite a steeply sloping rear window, it is possible to accommodate three rows of seats.

Porsche SUV electric 7 posti, il render di Motor1.com
Porsche SUV electric 7 posti, il render di Motor1.com

New technologies

While the electric heirs to the Cayenne and Macan will be developed from the PPE platform, the K1 will be based on the platform SSP (Scalable System Platform), which will also be used for high-end models from Audi, Volkswagen and Bentley. In particular, the Porsche SUV will be based on the Sport variant of the architecture, which should allow it to retain the sporty driving characteristics always associated with the brand’s cars.

Prototypes of the fully electric Porsche Macan

Electric Porsche Macan, first official photos of the prototype

It is very likely that the K1 will use a 800 volt battery pack to dramatically improve efficiency and charging times.

Furthermore, given the size of the car (at least 5 meters long) and its positioning on the price list (we are talking about a base price of at least 150,000 euros), it is possible that Porsche introduces a new powertrain with next-generation batteries and electric motors. This same technology could then be used in other Porsche models.

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