What will be the next vacancy to be filled in the NHL?


With the Toronto Maple Leafs hiring their new general manager in Brad Treliving, and the Nashville Predators firing John Hynes and hiring Andrew Brunette, the NHL job market appears to be picking up a bit as the NHL Draft approaches and free agency.

Who will be the next team to fill their vacancies? Frank Seravalli and Colby Cohen answered this question on Daily Faceoff Live.

Coby Cohen: I think the New York Rangers are going to pull the trigger here on a coach soon. I think John Hynes is becoming available…

Frank Seravalli: I was going to ask you. You’re a BU guy, John Hynes is a BU guy, Chris Drury is a BU guy, give us the inside scoop.

Coby Cohen: And not to mention that Drury and Hynes were teammates at BU. They overlapped, there is a familiarity there. We talked about this earlier on the show how important it was when I told you that I didn’t buy what Barry Trotz was selling about his relationship with Andrew Brunette.

Frank Seravalli: Do you think the Rangers were waiting for this, because a lot of people have been arguing that Peter Laviolette has been connected to New York, that is, they have had a month to hire, what more information, what more information did you need before you pulled the trigger on a guy who took three different teams to the Stanley Cup Finals and won once?

Coby Cohen: I think this is a second hire for Drury, and he wants to take his time to make sure he does it right, and I just don’t think anyone has blown him out of the water.

Here’s the other thing that I think is happening in New York. I think they have an eye on the Pittsburgh situation. Even though everyone is going to say it has nothing to do with it, I think they have their eye on this situation. We hear it might be Kyle Dubas, then we hear it might not be Dubas, I just think Drury is taking his time. He wants to make sure it’s the right recruit because we know…

Frank Seravalli: There’s no way Mike Sullivan will go free, is that what you’re suggesting?

Coby Cohen: We know that these general managers usually get two hires. Two head coaching hires before this seat gets really hot, and so I think ultimately he wants to make sure this is the right hire.

So I think Hynes will get an interview in New York. I think they will definitely have conversations. What happens? I don’t really know, Laviolette seems to be the favourite, you know that better than me. But I think in the next few days I think we will see a new bench boss for Rangers.

And yes, I made that link.

Frank Seravalli: OK, well I don’t understand for a second that Sullivan is leaving the Penguins. Too much power, too much money, and he’s plugged into this with Fenway Sports Group.

My prediction? The next vacancy is for the Calgary Flames. I believe that Gérard Gallant, speaking of the too expensive Rangers, is not a candidate. I believe they had an initial discussion and the Flames are not willing and ready to pay somewhere in the neighborhood that Gallant would be looking for and that he would be used to, especially after this deal with the Rangers and what he has left on the table this season.

Coby Cohen: Alright, but if you’re Gallant, don’t you always get the difference with Rangers?

Frank Seravalli: You still get the difference, but why would you work for the same amount of money? What is the incentive to go back? Why not wait and see what happens? Get paid all year and don’t work. I don’t know about you, but it looks kinda tempting

Coby Cohen: There are only 32 jobs. You have to take them, you don’t want to be too passive.

Frank Seravalli: I’m just telling you that they had a first conversation and that’s not going to happen, at least from what I’ve been told.

So my prediction is that the Flames fulfill their role, and I’m still going to be Mitch Love, their inside candidate. Two-time AHL coach of the year.

You can watch the full episode here…


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