What the Detroit Red Wings need to do this offseason

The Detroit Red Wings are a team that has made progress over the past year to get back into playoff contention. Today on Daily Faceoff Live, insider Frank Seravalli and former NHL player and now Chicago Blackhawks analyst Colby Cohen take a look at the changes that could come in the offseason for Hockeytown.

Frank Seravalli: Speaking of a choppy offseason, I don’t think it will be that way, but as we continue our previews of the offseason, we take a look at the Detroit Red Wings and what lies ahead. Colby, when you look at this team, I think everyone would agree that they made progress last season, they wanted to play meaningful games in March, and I don’t know if they accomplished that but being a team is on the rise I think they made a bunch of smart moves and an intriguing like Filip Hronek trade that seemed to fit their age pattern exactly what they were building and tended towards. Colby, what would be the number one priority for you this offseason and you were Steve Yzerman in charge of the Red Wings?

Coby Cohen: Yeah, so just looking at everything they have, they have a ton of cap space, a lot of draft capital, and one of the best prospecting systems in the NHL. There are a number of players who are close to becoming full-time NHL players. Their roster, they have flexibility; they have Larkin signed for eight years, Copp signed for four years, and then there are only two other players who have three years on their agreements, there is a lot of openness.

One of the first things I do is strike a long-term deal on Mortiz Seider. He is a restricted free agent. I like his game; I’m going to have him locked up for the next eight years and maybe I can give him a break. Listen, I think they have to be aggressive this year. I think it’s time for Yzerman to realize that the reconstruction somehow worked; you have Simon Edvinsson, a 6-foot-6 NHL-ready defenseman; Berggren, too, is ready to go. Marco Kasper took 8th place overall; he’s 19 and looks ready for the NHL, same with Soderblom and Wallinder. Tall guys, 6-foot-8 and 6-foot-4, ages 20 and 21, they’re ready to play in the NHL.

Let me tell you what Yzerman should do after locking up Seider. He has to get a deal for Auston Matthews; he needs a STAR player on this team, he needs some serious help. Larkin won’t be the guy to take you to the Cup. You need a guy like Matthews. Maybe watch Bunting in free agency; Alex DeBrincat is from Michigan and drags his feet in Ottawa; It’s time. It’s time for them to go out and get some ammo. You have written well; you’ve developed well, now go get some stars and see if you can become a team that can compete for a Stanley Cup. They have two picks in the first two rounds this year, three next year and a lot of capital, and you can be aggressive with that. If you want Matthews, it will take first-round picks, prospects and money; they have all these things.

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