“What Ronaldo told me when I told him his father was dead…”

José Mourinho worked for several years with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi suffered as a rival on different occasions throughout his coaching career.

He has always expressed immense admiration for both of them. However, some time ago he highlighted another player as the talent that impressed him the most on a football pitch.

Reviewing some of the statements The Special One has made in recent years, we find that he has highlighted Ronaldo Nazário as the best footballer he has seen live.

Yes, although he has been following Messi and Cristiano a lot as well, the Portuguese coach has made it clear that no one beats the Brazilian legend in terms of natural talent.

While in a chat with LiveScore he saw a photo in which he appeared alongside R9 when he was to be part of Bobby Robson’s coaching staff at FC Barcelona, ​​the Portuguese coach left the following message:

“He is the best footballer I have ever seen on a court. I think injuries ended a career that could have been more incredible, but the talent of that kid, Ronaldo Nazário, was something incredible.

And when asked to confirm if Ronaldo really was the best player he had ever seen in his life, Mou added: “Yes, he was that good. Not with the career of Cristiano or Messi of being on top for 15 years with a top, top, top level, every day. But, in natural talent, incredible.

In career, achievements and legacy, Mourinho understands that there is no doubt that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are on their own. But, speaking specifically of individual quality, no one surprised him as much as Ronaldo Nazário da Lima.

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