What reception for Donovan Mitchell in Utah?

The big day has arrived for Donovan Mitchell. This Tuesday evening, the All-Star rear will return to Utah for the first time since his transfer during the offseason. A strong emotional moment obviously for a player who spent five seasons, the first of his career, with the Jazz.

Nonetheless, the All-Star has no idea how his former home crowd will welcome him.  » I do not know. I hope for applause,” he slips to the Plain Dealer. “We did great things there, even if we didn’t reach the final goal. Despite this lack of a title, I have a lot of positive things in mind. »

For his teammates, no doubt, Donovan Mitchell must be saluted for his time at Utah.

“Everyone knows how important he was for this team. I hope everyone will give him a standing ovation and show him respect. What he has done for this franchise is huge,” says Raul Neto, who rubbed shoulders with Donovan Mitchell in Utah. “He must receive a standing ovation”, says Darius Garland. « With all the hard work, all the things he’s done for this city: the playoffs, the All-Star appearances, the wins. I expect that. Hope. »

If everyone hopes and does not seem completely certain that the player will only receive love, it is because at the beginning of December, the former Jazz had said that in Cleveland he was taking “ fun again”.

Although Donovan Mitchell clarified, in the same sentence, that it was not  » a tackle on my guys in Utah,” and that former teammates like Mike Conley and Jordan Clarkson didn’t take that statement negatively, perhaps Jazz fans will hold more grudges…

« Maybe I’ll be booed, maybe I’ll be applauded. I’m aware of that. » he concludes. “I spent five years there. I’m going to see a lot of familiar faces, people I know. When that moment comes, I will let my emotions speak, I will enjoy it and appreciate it at its true value. »

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