what Paul Pogba said to French investigators during his hearing

Since the beginning of the resounding legal case that bears his name, Paul Pogba has been heard twice: on July 16 by Italian investigators in Turin then on August 9 in Nanterre by the French authorities. Here is the story of his hearing before French investigators, according to sources familiar with the matter at BFMTV.

• March 19: the return to France and the attempted racketeering

On March 19, the international meets in France for a gathering of the France team. He lent one of his cars to two childhood friends but this vehicle was confiscated by the police. The player is therefore obliged to return to Paris. Paul Pogba still has many ties in France. He takes advantage of his visit to go for a walk in the city where he grew up. He learns that the mother of one of his friends is sick and decides to go see her.

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At the bottom of the building, a man is waiting for her. This man, he knows him, he is a childhood friend. His proposal is curious and Paul Pogba is surprised. « You’re going to come with me, leave your driver, » he tells her. Paul Pogba is reassured by the presence of his other childhood friends. He nevertheless finds the words of his friend « curious ». The destination is unknown, but he decides to go there. « Maybe in the 94′, he declares to the investigators. He goes to an apartment. Another childhood friend opens the door for him. Paul Pogba is forced to leave his phone. In this apartment, he sees five people, all childhood friends: Machicour, Roushdane (Machicour’s brother), Adama C., Boubacar (Adama C.’s brother) and Mamadou Magassa, nicknamed « Mam’s ».

« Two guys walk into the room. They were wearing balaclavas over their faces, bulletproof vests. One was armed with an M16 type assault rifle and the other with a shotgun. »

The first to speak is Mamadou. The man then complains of having been accused of stealing money from Paul Pogba, a rumor that would come from the 2018 world champion himself. « Mam’s » continues its momentum and insists: he is aware that Paul Pogba has paid a marabout several times. Mamadou Magassa, annoyed, then threatens him to say around him that a marabout was in fact paid by Paul Pogba because he wanted to « hurt the people around him ». He even claims to have evidence on a USB key. On this subject, the version of Paul Pogba diverges: yes, he had to deal with a marabout … to whom he made donations so that he could send « food and commodities to Africa to help populations in difficulty ».

Another man then takes the floor: the so-called Roushdane. He also threatens Paul Pogba – whom he claims to have protected – by asking him to pay. All the men present leave, only Roushdane, Adama and Paul Pogba remain in the room. The French international tells the investigators what happened next: « Two guys enter the room. They were wearing balaclavas over their faces, bulletproof vests. One was armed with an M16 type assault rifle and the other shotgun. (…) Roushdane told me that they were my protectors because, according to him, bandits wanted to extort me or kidnap me. I had to pay them. The two guys armed their guns and pointed their guns at me, telling me that I had to pay otherwise the world would be in danger. They asked me for 13 million euros. Three million in cash and 10 million in bank transfer. Being held up under the threat I told them I was going to pay. »

« I wanted to speak but they were shouting ‘Shut up, look down’, continues Paul Pogba. Everyone then comes back into the room. Pogba is scared. « Roushdane said I had to pay. I was scared.” Paul Pogba claims to have remained locked up in the apartment for five hours, from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.

• March 20: the call to the bank

On March 20, the French international calls his bank. Boubacar is next to him. Paul Pogba is asking for 11 million for a ‘kind of investment’. « I wanted my bank to understand there was a problem but I couldn’t tell because Boub’s (Boubacar) was there. » The bank refuses. His childhood friends offer him another solution: to invest in cryptocurrency and the metaverse. »

• End of March-current April: the transaction stopped by Paul Pogba

Pogba then left for an internship at Clairefontaine and returned to England on March 30. Boubacar makes him sign an investment commitment document in cryptocurrency. He also gives him 100,000 euros in cash, « because I couldn’t do more », specifies Paul Pogba.

He asks his bank again because he needs 12.9 million euros. This amount, once released, he must transfer it to Adama’s account in Dubai. But Paul Pogba is not going to the end of the transaction. He stops everything. He then tells them about TRACFIN, a French intelligence service. « I told Boubacar and Adama that I was tapped, that there was an investigation because of the attempted transfer. » The racketeers no longer solicit him for 10 days. Then, in April, they come back to him. Paul Pogba confides that he has changed his number. The racketeers try to reach him, without success.

• Mid-July: the voice note

Mid-July, Paul Pogba is in Turin. Roushdane, with Mathias Pogba’s phone, leaves him a voice note. The man assures that they are all in danger because of him, that Paul Pogba must come immediately. The Juventus Turin player changes his phone again and files a complaint in France and Italy

• July 30: the message from Mathias Pogba’s phone

On July 30, Paul Pogba receives a threatening message from his brother’s phone. « He sends me a message to tell me that he heard everything, that he was robbed, that I have to pay otherwise he will throw everything he knows at the media. And that I had five days to pay otherwise my image would be ruined. »

Paul Pogba hesitates. « The exact words of the message make me hesitate, I’m not sure if it was my brother who wrote them. I warned my mother to leave, it was on that day that I told her about what happened to me. ‘was coming. » Nine days later, the French international will deliver this whole story to French investigators.

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