« What motivates him are the sexy girls in the stands »

In order to run at full speed on the courts, the athletes of the league sometimes resort to quite specific motivation techniques. For a nugget of the Warriors, seeing beautiful women at games would be enough to make him a hit… This is what one of his former teammates said recently.

His role dropped a little in the playoffs, especially in the Finals, but Jordan Poole was nonetheless essential in the Warriors’ quest for the title. The young fullback took over at short notice from Klay Thompson before he returned to the game, and dropped a great regular 2021-22 campaign averaging more than 18 points. The post-season has also seen him let go of some madness, especially at long distance where he is a real threat:

Unsurprisingly, its performances have not gone unnoticed by the competition, and on the Bay side, we are unfortunately already expecting to set sail in the near future. Like Andrew Wiggins, the interested party can claim a very large check as part of his next contract, up to 100 million dollars. If he can confirm in the coming months, that would only justify such an investment in him.

If a franchise other than the Californians wants to get their hands on his talents, however, it would be better if they could guarantee a visually pleasing audience for the young player. As revealed by his former teammate Nico Mannion, Poole would be particularly motivated to play in front of beautiful women. Interesting, considering he’s currently in a relationship, his girlfriend having made the buzz before the Finals. Mannion notably shared a punchline from his friend on the subject:

Nico Mannion’s big confession about Jordan Poole

I was on the phone with him the other day and saw a video where it said Jordan Poole was playing like he was trying to steal your girlfriend! I told him that and he said, “Yeah, that’s the goal. Hot girls come with you but they leave with me,” and he laughed. That’s what motivates him.

Given the rumor that swirled around JP3 and star actress Zendaya during the Finals, we really want to believe the Italian!

According to Nico Mannion, it is because he sees beautiful girls in the stands that Jordan Poole manages to outdo himself every night at the Warriors. A rather original motivation technique, but not sure that it pleases his partner Kim Cruz.

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