What Kendall Jenner Does During Devin Booker Matches

Phoenix Suns NBA star Devin Booker has received a formal ban from his famous girlfriend, Kendall Jenner

NBA (DR) / @kendalljenner

Devin Booker and the Suns will try to do better than last season by finishing the playoffs on an NBA champion title. kendall Jennifer, the rear companion, will follow this very carefully, and she revealed what she intended to do during the meetings.

After a relatively easy and controlled first round, the Suns will begin the second leg of their journey to the Finals against the Mavericks on Monday. And if Brandon Ingram and CJ McCollum have struggled in previous games, Luka Doncic should pose problems of another level to this well-oiled collective. But Chris Paul is on fire, Devin Booker is back, Deandre Ayton is dominating inside, so Phoenix will be the favorite.

And then the men of Monty Williams will be able to rely on the support of one of the hottest audiences in the entire league, and which makes the Footprint Center an almost impregnable fortress. If Dallas wants to create a surprise it will take at least one game in Phoenix, something that few teams have been able to do this season, the Mavericks remaining for example on two consecutive losses in Arizona.

Kendall Jenner doesn’t miss a Devin Booker game

Speaking of public, the series should be played under the eyes of many personalities, including those of Kendall Jenner, girlfriend of Devin Booker and incidentally the highest paid model on the planet. She won’t be there physically every time, but during a stint on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show, the Kardashians’ half-sister opened up about what she does when she can’t attend her lover’s get-togethers .

I watch absolutely every game, except if I have an important meeting. Yesterday, for example, we were all at the restaurant, but my family and my friends know that I spend the evening on my phone watching the match. Since I’ve been with Devin I’ve really gone crazy for basketball. But I’ve always loved the NBA, with Khloe we went to see all the Lakers games when I was little.

Even if she’s busy, even if she’s on a date, Kendall Jenner refuses to miss a match with her companion, so she doesn’t hesitate to put the meetings on her phone, even if it means missing out on some family time. . Devin Booker can rest easy, he knows he has the unconditional support of the one who shares his life now.

And this avowed love for the NBA perhaps explains the many relationships she was able to maintain with stars of the league. Because as a reminder, before sharing the life of DBook, the model had relationships with Ben Simmons, Blake Griffin, Kyle Kuzma or D’Angelo Russell. A particularly talented roster that could have made some noise in the playoffs…

Whether at the restaurant, with the family, or in an important business meeting, Kendall Jenner will never miss a meeting with her lover. Unfailing support which should give Devin Booker wings, and which could well carry him to the title.

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