What is Ferrari playing?

the Fratelli d’Italia and although the church bells of Maranello may have rung for the first time in two and a half months, there was an unpleasant smell of incomprehension and incompleteness in the air around Silverstone around the Scuderia Ferrari. So much so that his boss Mattia Binotto needed to remember this, one evening of victory: « I don’t think you can say it’s been a difficult weekend for us, knowing that we took pole and won ». The subject of contention? The sacrifice of Charles Leclerc, on the altar of Carlos Sainz’s first career victory. We are on the 40th lap of the Grand Prix. Esteban Ocon stops on the track and rushes out of the safety car. Leclerc then leads the debate in front of Sainz and Hamilton with twelve loops to go. We can imagine at that time the Scuderia bringing in the Monegasque, who had the advantage of the position, both on the track and in the championship. No. It was Sainz who was chosen to put on the Tenders, immediately imitated by Hamilton, Pérez and all the pursuers who wanted to give themselves a chance to win the race.

A correct duel but which leaves many questions unanswered © Florent Gooden / DPPI

Remained on the track by order of his team with his worn Hard rubber, Leclerc had just lost the Battle of Britain, and knew it. Crucified. Why on earth did you favor Carlos Sainz? Has the Scuderia officially given up the Drivers’ championship? “What happened was that our two cars were too close for both of us to stop, was trying to justify Mattia Binotto. There was not, in our opinion, a sufficient gap between them, and our second car would surely have lost time in the pits. Why

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