What if Verratti abandoned Italy for France?

The Italy international has revealed he is considering applying for French citizenship due to what the country has given him.

Marco Verratti’s children were born in France and the PSG midfielder married in July 2021, in Neuilly-sur-Seine. “My children were born here and I feel very grounded in French life,” Verratti told the magazine. Sportweek of The Gazzetta dello Sport.

A historic track record in France

Verratti won no less than 28 titles with PSG, being the most successful player in the history of French football. « We have won eight championships in 10 years and 28 titles in total, something that seems obvious but is not, » said the Italian midfielder. He also admitted his biggest dream is to win the Champions League and backed his PSG and Italy team-mate Gianluigi Donnarumma, who was at fault on Karim Benzema’s goal in Real Madrid’s comeback against the League. 1 in Europe earlier this year. « Football is like that, you’re king in July and they throw stones at you in March, » Verratti noted.
“He is our present and our future, we are happy to have him”.

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