what if the final version was even crazier than the prototype?

Surprise ! Tesla’s future Roadster could be even more powerful, faster and have better range than the 2017 prototype.

It is one of the most anticipated electric vehicles of recent years and yet, five years after a first appearance, it is struggling to show the end of its hood. Unveiled in 2017, at the same time as the Tesla Semi, the Roadster is undoubtedly the Californian manufacturer’s most successful vehicle. With figures that make you dizzy, less than 2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, 402 km/h top speed and 1,000 km of autonomy, the Roadster should set new records in almost all statistical categories. Since announcing its development, Tesla hasn’t changed an inch as to the nature of these impressive numbers. But now we learn that these could be undervalued! In other words, the Roadster to come (one day no doubt) would be even more powerful or more enduring than what Tesla hoped for when it was announced.

In any case, this is confirmed by Franz von Holzausen, chief design officer at Tesla. Asked in the podcast “ Ride the Lightning “, he explains that the long wait will not be in vain for future buyers of the Roadster and that they could have some good surprises when receiving their vehicle. Von Holzausen explains in particular that this delay could well serve the cause of the Roadster: “ The car is under development. Of course, we have priorities as a company, priorities that rhyme with mass electrification. But the Roadster is not a vehicle for the general public (…) The extra time we took for its development allowed us to improve it in almost all aspects. « .

Further, higher, stronger?

Indeed, Tesla has never hid from having favored other projects such as the Semi, the development of its 4680 batteries or even Optimus, its humanoid robot. And what about the Plaid version of the Model S which seems to be born of a sudden desire by Elon Musk to compete with the Porsche Taycan. Finally, the Roadster could well benefit from a set of processes and techniques developed over the past five years. But concretely, what would this change to his already daunting performances?

To this question, von Holzausen obviously does not give details, but he offers a surprising answer: “ I think you can extrapolate the performance and handling of a Model S Plaid and imagine how far we can go…with a much lighter vehicle. If you think about it, the Model S Plaid hit nearly every performance goal we set out in 2017 with the Roadster prototype. At that time it seemed impossible, so imagine how far we can go today « .

If the acceleration capabilities of the Model S Plaid are indeed explosive (0 to 100 km / h in 2.1 seconds), its autonomy (613 km) is however quite far from the 1,000 km targeted by the Roadster. The weight gain should be considerable between a large family sedan and a sports car, but will it be enough to explain higher performance than initially announced? Answer… one day, maybe, if Tesla decides to start production of its little electric monster.

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