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Eager to recruit Seko Fofana, Olympique de Marseille has reached an agreement with the Ivorian midfielder for an arrival from this summer transfer window.

The information is given by the Phocaean. According to Romain Haering, journalist for this media, things are moving in the right direction for OM in this matter. Better still, the leaders of the Marseille club have managed to reach an agreement with Seko Fofana. But this is only a first step for Pablo Longoria and his collaborators. Since the second, perhaps the most difficult, will be to find common ground with Racing Club de Lens for the transfer of the Ivorian international.

“Lens is not selling at all, Lens wants to make a big sale if he leaves. They have no interest in selling him, he is their best player. Fofana, for me, Lens will keep him or sell him for 40 million euros. But from what I know, Pablo Longoria is working on the file to such an extent that he has tied up an agreement between the player and Olympique de Marseille on the contractual level. Concretely, if OM manages to convince Lens, Fofana agrees to come to OM. That, I have it from a sure source, I wouldn’t tell you otherwise. On the other hand, we are very far from an agreement with Lens, which does not want to sell it off and that can very well be understood“said journalist Romain Haering on the Phocéen’s Twitch. If Marseille want to finalize the sale of Seko Fofana, they will have to find the money.

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