What if every MLB team changed its name and logo..?


In the world of sports, the names of professional teams are particularly diverse. And each of them has its own story as to its origin.

For example, in the early 1910s, the New York Highlanders were also known as the Americans. To reduce the number of characters and make the headlines more attractive, the editor of the New York Press newspaper gave them the nickname of the Yanks, or Yankees.

Fans got used to it. The owners of the Highlanders too.

Many of the MLB organizations owe their team names to media representatives. By dint of being read and heard repeatedly, certain qualifiers have become anchored in the minds of amateurs, before finally being officially recognized.

Since the names of several Major League Baseball clubs do not have (or no longer have) a real connection with the city they represent, Tom Forget of the site MLB.com had fun choosing new ones , more representative.

As long as he was there, he pushed the exercise to redo the 30 logos.

Here are the selection criteria he met:
– the name should correspond to the environment of the team or its history;
– the logo could be more “animated”, without being exaggerated (nothing comparable to those of minor league baseball);
– overused names, such as “Wildcats”, should be avoided;
– even very appropriate names, for example the Rockies for Colorado or the Angels for Los Angeles, had to be changed.

You will see that some are successful, while others hurt the eyes!

Arizona Diamondbacks – Arizona Chupacabras
Arizona Diamondbacks - Arizona Chupacabras

Atlanta Braves–Atlanta Peaches
Atlanta Braves - Atlanta Peaches

Baltimore Orioles–Baltimore Crabs
Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Crabs

Boston Red Sox–Boston Scholars
Boston Red SoxBoston Scholars

Chicago Cubs–Chicago Goats
Chicago CubsChicago Goats

Chicago White Sox–Chicago Hawks
Chicago White SoxChicago Hawks

Cincinnati Reds–Cincinnati Pigs
Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Pigs

Cleveland Indians–Cleveland Rocks
Cleveland Indians Cleveland Rocks

Colorado Rockies–Colorado Triceratops
Colorado Rockies Colorado Triceratops

Detroit Tigers – Detroit Red Dwarf
Detroit Tigers Detroit Dwarf Red

Houston Astros–Houston Eagles
Houston AstrosHouston Eagles

Kansas City Royals–Kansas City Swing
Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Swing

Los Angeles Angels–Orange County Rally Monkeys
Los Angeles Angels Orange County Rally Monkeys

Los Angeles Dodgers–LA Avocados
Los Angeles Dodgers LA Avocados

Miami Marlins – Miami Nights
Miami Marlins Miami Nights

Milwaukee Brewers – Milwaukee Oktoberfest
Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Oktoberfest

Minnesota Twins–Minnesota Princes
Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Princes

New York Mets–Queens Capitals
New York MetsQueens Capitals

New York Yankees–New York Champions
New York Yankees New York Champions

Oakland Athletics–Oakland Green Beans
Oakland Athletics Oakland Green Beans

Philadelphia Phillies–Philadelphia Franklins
Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Franklins

Pittsburgh Pirates–Pittsburgh Stars
Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Stars

St. Louis Cardinals–St. Louis Explorers
St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Explorers

San Diego Padres–San Diego Surfers
San Diego PadresSan Diego Surfers

San Francisco Giants–San Francisco Cove Dogs
San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Cove Dogs

Seattle Mariners–Seattle King Salmon
Seattle Mariners Seattle King Salmon

Tampa Bay Rays – The Tampa Juice
Tampa Bay Rays The Tampa Juice

Texas Rangers–Texas Cattlemen
Texas RangersTexas Cattlemen

Toronto Blue Jays–Toronto Bats
Toronto Blue JaysToronto Bats

Washington Nationals–Washington Cherry Blossoms
Washington Nationals Washington Cherry Blossoms

Bats, Avocados and Green Beans are in a class of their own.

If you had to choose, what new name would you give the Expos?

(Credit: Michael Clair, Tom Forget/ MLB.com)


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