What if Carlos Correa was part of the solution in Boston?

We know that defense is a very important aspect in baseball. It is rightly said that this is a game of errors.

Having said that, can a player like Carlos Correa help the Boston Red Sox replenish the left side of their infield that has been damaged lately?

The question is valid. And it was posed by Eduardo Perez on MLB Network Radio, among others, earlier this week.

According to Perez, the Red Sox managed to get far in the playoffs by having a rather porous defense. There is better, but there is worse, as they say.

With the arrival of an infielder like Correa in Boston, for example, it would be possible to put him on shortstop, obviously. Then move Xander Bogaerts to the second pad or bring him back to the third pad, which is also a possibility.

It should be remembered that Bogaerts started his career in Boston at third base and that he allowed the Red Sox to win a World Series at this position.

For his part, Rafael Devers could benefit from the presence of Correa on his left and Bogaerts on second base. He could also go play first cushion.

All this, without forgetting the presence of the versatile Kiké Hernandez, who will be able to continue his work in the center field.

With the emergence of Jarren Duran and Bobby Dalbec, the Red Sox will be able to better position themselves on the chessboard of the competitive East American division.

Is Carlos Correa the solution to all the problems? No, but if he puts his own in it, he can certainly contribute offensively and defensively.

And you, what would you do with this file?

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