What have we learned from the photos of the McLaren F1 2022?

The social networks of the famous English brand regularly post obstructed photos of its future F1. Here is what we manage to detect!

McLaren has released images of its employees working on the team’s new single-seater.

A snapshot through which we can see some details on the new chassis of the future McLaren. We still manage to see that the air intake above the driver’s head is identical to that of last year, as is the roll bar. We should therefore expect to see a lot of similarities with the cars of 2021.

We also manage to slightly glimpse the position of the side cradles (or the side air inlets) which are much lower, on the model initiated by Ferrari in 2017. The position of the gills was particularly high to best seek the air flow. air when following an opponent or in the open field.

If the McLaren cliché is to be believed, this is no longer the case with ground effect cars. But it’s not just about performance. It’s also about safety, as this design also comes in with the modification of the FIA ​​side impact regulations.

What’s also glaring is how thin the car’s front nose is. It looks like McLaren is continuing with this thin, curved front nose philosophy. But it’s still impossible to see how this one fits with the new front wing introduced this year.

It is therefore very complicated to discover more secrets. McLaren maintains the suspense until the end by playing with our nerves. It’s just a matter of patience, as we should see the first cars sometime in February. So a little more patience to finally see what the new era of Formula 1 will look like!

Photo: McLaren Instagram

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