What happened to former fan favorite Tacko Fall?


The darling of fans from March Madness 2019, Tacko Fall has already been rolling in the NBA for a few years. So what has really become of him who has disappeared from your screens? We give you an update on the situation of the guy, who is already spinning on his 27th birthday.

The time flies. Yesterday again, Tacko Fall fought hard with Zion Williamson during the match between UCF and Duke in March 2019. It was at this moment that an unexpected phenomenon was born: Tackomania, understand by this an irrational adoration towards the Senegalese of 2m29 and 141 kilos, that everyone the world wanted more than anything to see in the NBA. The Dakar native worked hard, and if he wasn’t drafted, he was picked up by the Boston Celtics.

For 2 years, Fall became an attraction in Boston despite having limited playing time. Claimed by the public during each garbage time, active on social networks, the giant lived his best life… before being briefly acquired by the Cavs, then disappearing from the radar. Where is it today, in mid-2022? Rest assured, the news is good – very good, even!

On fire, Tacko Fall is having a blast and a hit!

Following his departure from the NBA on January 9, when he was cut, Tacko joined the Cleveland Charge, the Cavaliers’ G-League affiliate team. In the « little sister » league, Fall truly found his place, so much so that he signed his best season of his career, by far: 14 points at 75% shooting, 10.5 rebounds and 2.7 blocks, all while just over 26 minutes on average on the floor. Come on, we offer you some images of the domination in question below.

It seems almost too simple for the Golgoth, which shows that it has its place in the top of the basket. Unfortunately, Tacko’s individual performances were not enough to save a sad Charge team, dead last in the standings with 6 wins for 26 losses in 32 games. Needless to say, the G-League playoffs, won by Rio Grande, took place without Fall and his teammates…

After this successful campaign on a personal basis, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the Senegalese. Will he continue his adventure in Ohio? Will he join another team? One thing is certain: in a corner of his head, and despite a profile very little adapted to the current game, the dream of a return to the NBA remains with our giant.

Don’t worry, don’t worry: Tacko Fall is enjoying himself in the G-League, and his average stats line is already a great victory for someone who no one saw having a future as a pro in the United States 4 years ago. As for the NBA, on the other hand, it seems harder. But the native of Dakar has a great mind, and a great will. Then maybe…


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