What does the bill contain to democratize sport?

The desire to “democratize sport”. Today and tomorrow, the Senate must examine a bill from LREM whose aim is to promote access to sports practice, but also to help French football. What does this text contain?

Adopted about a year ago in the National Assembly, it must now be adopted by the senators, then be the subject of an agreement between them and the deputies before the end of February so that it can see the light of day. .

Support for professional football

When passing through the Assembly in March 2021, the bill received a surprising amendment, which has no connection with the initial objective but was pushed by the Professional Football League: the possibility of creating a commercial, associated with an investment fund, to manage sports rights. The goal is to sell part of this company (which will be responsible for selling the championship rights) to one of these funds, in order to allow the LFP to recover a large sum of money, to then help the clubs. in difficulty because of the current context (Mediapro and the Covid-19).

In addition to this boost to French football, the bill also wants to extend to « homophobic demonstrations » the sentence of one year in prison and a fine of 15,000 euros for provocation or demonstration of hatred, violence. racist or xenophobic.

Sport prescribed for health

The text provides that the prescription of sport by prescription be extended to all chronic diseases. Hypertension, obesity or mental health, for people affected by depression, will be affected.

Currently, only ALDs, for long-term conditions (stroke, type 1 and 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cystic fibrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.), were concerned.

Sport by prescription must also be reimbursed by health insurance, the senators have already announced.

The practice of sport facilitated in everyday life

In order to allow access to sport and easier practice, the bill wants school equipment (fields, gymnasiums, etc.) to be used outside of class time.

In the same vein, he wants the creation of showers and changing rooms in future office buildings to allow employees to use them after a sports session.

The governance of better regulated federations

Measures on parity in sports federations at the national level, and in stages at the regional level, must be taken via the text.

In addition, the elected representatives of federations, leagues or the French Olympic committee will have an obligation of transparency. In committee, the Senate removed the three-term limit for federation presidents. A point that could be debated with the deputies.

The fight against sexual violence

To fight against sexual violence, particularly present in sport, judges, referees and lifeguards must, like all educators, be subject to a check of good repute.

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