What does LeBron risk after his obscene gesture?

Author of a gesture that can be described as obscene against the Pacers, LeBron James should still be sanctioned by the NBA. If nothing has happened to date, there is no doubt that it will be the case before the next meeting.

Back against the Pacers, LeBron James marked the occasion with a big performance. He was invaluable throughout the match, especially during extra time with a big three points (review her perf ‘here). No doubt, this success is good for morale, especially given the scenario. Nevertheless, a sanction is in sight concerning the King, and it will not be undeserved.

Indeed, after having planted a clutch basket a few minutes before the end of the game, LeBron celebrated it all with a gesture that can be said to be obscene. It happens and it is probably not the last time, but the NBA does not appreciate. It is automatic sanction, even if the verdict has not yet fallen.

What fine for LeBron to come?

It must be said that across the Atlantic, we celebrate Thanksgiving. We imagine that the NBA did not particularly want to stick a fine before the event, but should do so before the next Lakers game. How much will it be? To better understand, we can thank Fred VanVleet, author of a similar celebration not long ago.

Results ? $ 15,000. The Raptors point guard isn’t going to complain, but that locates the penalty ahead for the King. It will also be interesting to see if it will be lower, or perhaps more depending on the league. Note also that in the past, others had taken a nice sanction, like Klay Thompson:

There is no doubt that LeBron James will be sanctioned, although the amount of his fine is still unknown. Will there be special treatment for the King? We will know more this Friday.

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