What does H/9 mean in MLB The Show 22?

What does H/9 mean in MLB The Show 22?

MLB The Show 22 has taken the world by storm over the past two weeks. Players around the world are gearing up to lead their franchise to glory. If you want to be successful, you’ll need to know all of the different players’ abilities and how they can contribute to helping you win matches. One area to pay attention to is your pitchers’ H/9 stats, and here’s what that means in MLB The Show 22.

To improve your created player’s overall ability in MLB The Show 22, or a certain ballplayer’s card in Diamond Dynasty mode, you will need to understand all of the player’s stats. When it comes to pitching, you will need to look at various stats, such as Control, Velocity, Stamina, HR/9, BB/9, and K/9. Perhaps the most important attribute in MLB The Show 22 for pitchers is H/9.

What does H/9 mean in MLB The Show 22?

H/9 represents your pitcher’s ability to limit hard hits against hitters he lines up with on the diamond. Essentially, the higher the number, the less likely a player will be to field a ball for a hit.

This is a useful stat to consider because while you can still go out on hard-hit balls, they also present more risk for the batter to hit home runs, doubles, or triples. So having a high H/9 essentially guarantees that your pitcher won’t give up too many big plays.

Ideally, you want your pitcher’s H/9 stat to be higher than their K/9 stat, but you also want them to have a solid BB/9 stat. These stats will allow them to generate contacts and play deeper in games without tiring or seeing their throws deteriorate towards the end of the game.

In terms of keeping statistics in Major League Baseball, H/9 refers to the number of hits per 9 innings (extra innings not included). So, this analysis also gives you a better idea of ​​how well your pitcher performed throughout a full nine-inning game.

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