what do Hijabeuses want?

Collective « the Hijabeuses » demands the right to practice sport while wearing the hijab. Today, the sport that poses a problem is football. However, since 2014, FIFA has authorized the wearing of the veil during competitions. « France is a secular country and we must respect that »replied Noël Le Graët, president of the French Football Federation (FFF), following this decision.

The FFF is one of the only football federations in the world not to have authorized the wearing of the veil after the decision of Fifa and this, despite warnings from Sepp Blatter (then head of the world body). Wearing the hijab is therefore not authorized only during training in French football.

Hijabeuses see this ban as a barrier to access to sport for people who have chosen to wear the veil. « Today, thousands of women, like me, passionate about football and having made the intimate choice to wear the veil, are excluded from the fields », explains Founé, member of the Hijabeuses, in a petition. « The only thing these women ask is to to be able to play, to live the competition, to know the victories and the defeats, to have fun, to be free, to feel good in their bodies, while remaining faithful to themselves. The only thing they ask for is to be able to live their passion like everyone else. » Some political figures denounce on Twitter an injustice for these womenlike Elsa Faucillon (PCF), Cécile Clavez or Pierre-Alain Raphan (LaREM).

Another misunderstanding of Hijabeuses, the fact that wearing the veil is prohibited for health and safety reasons. However, certain sports such as karate, where one imagines that there is more chance of being confronted with security problems due to the wearing of the Hijab, authorizes it. The Executive Committee of the World Karate Federation approved the wearing of the veil in 2013.
On Twitter, under the #LetUsPlay, the Hijabeuses share their fight to be able to practice their sport while being free to wear a veil. On January 19, the Senate had voted to ban the wearing of « conspicuous religious signs » during sports competitions. An amendment immediately erased by the deputies and which must be reread today at The national assembly. Wanting to make their voices heard, these women called for a demonstration in front of the building in playing a football game. Event prohibited by the police headquarters, which caused the Hijabeuses community to react on social networks. « There is something frankly ironic and hypocritical to claim to defend the emancipation of certain women … while restricting their freedoms, including that of demonstrating” they then denounced.

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