what consequences for F1?

According to the British press, Audi could buy McLaren Group. And therefore to afford a bridgehead in Formula 1. Our first analysis.

Earthquake in F1? Our very knowledgeable colleagues from the British magazine Autocar announced this morning that Audi would be about to buy the McLaren Group, in financial difficulty since the start of the Covid-19 crisis.

According to the London publication, all of McLaren’s activities were concerned. Namely the Automotive branch, which produces the Artura, GT or 720S, but also the team Mclaren racing, entered in F1 and Indycar. Ingolstadt has not yet confirmed or denied Autocar’s claims. But McLaren denied this information … Which does not mean that the operation will not take place.

=> McLaren: a takeover by Audi in sight?

This takeover would herald changes in tectonic magnitude in Formula 1. With this acquisition, the four rings would have recognized know-how in terms of chassis and operation (8 manufacturer’s world championship titles), as well as an ultra-modern factory in the United Kingdom.

Audi would then only have to design a hybrid propulsion chain that meets the new engine regulations, expected in 2026. This should be simpler than the current one, leaving more room for kinetic energy recovery (MGU-K).

There are many bridges between the two brands. Starting with the presence ofAndreas Seidel, in place of team principal at McLaren. This former BMW has mainly driven the Porsche program – Audi’s sister brand – in the world endurance championship between 2014 and 2017.

This could also reshuffle the political cards within the queen discipline. the Volkswagen group had recently expressed its interest in entering Formula 1. Above all, we expected an alliance between the two Red Bull teams and the Wolfsburg group, perhaps via the Porsche brand.

Audi has never officially entered Formula 1.

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