What Adin Hill’s next contract will look like after making the Stanley Cup final


Adin Hill has done himself a lot of favors with his play in the Stanley Cup playoffs, especially as an unrestricted free agent pending. That could mean he makes a lot more money than he expected this offseason, but will his lack of experience cause teams to be cautious?

Tyler Yaremchuk and Mike McKenna discussed on Daily Faceoff Live what a potential deal for Hill would look like and which teams they could see pursuing him.

Mike McKenna: That’s a great question, because Hill’s work isn’t huge heading into the playoffs, 113 regular-season games. Pretty solid numbers, but he’s already on his third team.

I was trying to find some comparables, and I thought Vitek Vanecek was three years old at $3 million, and he’d never been able to land a starting job in Washington, so I figured Hill must be at the north of 4 million, right? Well, the best comparable out there I think is Linus Ullmark. He signed four years, $5 million to Boston with trade protection, and that was after 117 games with the Buffalo Sabers, with no playoff experience.

So I see a similarity there, I don’t know what the years will be for Hill, because Logan Thompson is under contract with Vegas for two years under $1 million. Does Adin Hill want to be a free agent? Does he want to try to cash out? Or does he want to stay with a system and a coach at Cassidy that he knows he can play in?

This is the big question for me. I think his contract, if I were to project it, probably a 3-4 year deal, probably in the $4.15 range, would be in my opinion. It will exceed $4 million, but I don’t think it will exceed $5 million.

Tyler Yaremchuk: If you were a GM looking at this guy, wouldn’t you be nervous? He’s never played more than 30 games in an NHL season, and to give him that change…

Mike McKenna: But look at the goalkeepers who got it. Spencer Knight earns over $4 million. I understand it’s a different deal, his is a projection deal, but that’s the going rate for goalies now. You win a Stanley Cup, which brought Binnington $6 million in St. Louis over six years. I think this guy is going to be north of $4 million, that’s just going to be the term. Is it three or four years?

Tyler Yaremchuk: Yeah, 27-year-old Adin Hill is set to become an unrestricted free agent.

Is there a team out there that you look at and say « they’d be smart to watch it ». Chicago needs a goalie to enter the Connor Bedard era. You have the ceiling space to outbid anyone, why don’t you go take a look at Adin Hill and see if he can be your man for the next 5-6 years.

Mike McKenna: Yeah, because I think Hill is probably beyond the age range the Chicago Blackhawks might want to be in. I think he might be a nice compliment to Philipp Grubauer in Seattle because Martin Jones is a pending free agent there. There are teams I could think of that he would fit into that salary structure.

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