Western conference, our 5 incumbents and 7 replacements! Aperitif TrashTalk

Six days ago, the first results of the votes for the next All-Star Game fell. And tomorrow, January 13, there will be a new update. The opportunity for us to take stock of the race for the all-star game in the two conferences. After the East, we go to the West.

Here, the link supposed to accompany all your days and all your nights.

Who are the five holders and the seven substitutes in the West for the next All-Star Game? That’s the big question with this special star match aperitif, Wild Wild West version. Well obviously, as you can imagine, the name of Stephen Curry is going to be mentioned, he who finished at the top of the general classification of votes at the first checkpoint. There is also a good chance that we are talking about not too bad players like Nikola Jokic, LeBron James or Ja Morant. But behind the obvious, we especially wanted to sit down for almost half an hour to debate those who have arguments, but who are in competition with others. Because yes, the race for the All-Star, it is always frenzied!

You know the song: we find ourselves an armchair or a place to settle down, we have something to nibble during the aperitif if we are hungry, we comment if we want to share our opinion with friends. For the rest, we take care of everything!

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