« Westbrook must touch the ball less in the absence of Davis »

In the absence of Anthony Davis, the Lakers will have to fight to stay afloat. For this, Russell Westbrook could take more responsibility in the game, which worries an expert. For him, he is not good enough right now to take up the challenge.

Anthony davis is missing, once again. Apart from his first season with the Lakers, during which he was exceptional and won a league title in the bubble, the interior is all too often the victim of injuries and physical glitches. Last season, his many absences greatly reduced the Purple and Gold, especially in the playoffs, where they were eliminated in the first round.

And this season unfortunately does not look any different from the others. Indeed, the Brow was to take even more importance in the angelino collective, in particular to relieve a Lebron james who flies at full speed towards his 37 years, but he injured his knee and should miss at least a month of competition … It is difficult to know if he will come back to 100% and if he will succeed in avoiding the glitches in the to come up.

Russell Westbrook too clumsy for an analyst

In his absence, Frank Vogel will have to adjust his rotation and some players will have to take their responsibilities. Russell westbrook, arrived in Los Angeles to relieve everyone, will be particularly important in keeping the Lakers afloat during these difficult times. But for Shannon Sharpe, knowing that the point guard will hit the ball more often is bad news. He spoke about FS1 :

I absolutely do not trust Russell Westbrook, and I make this observation with a bad Anthony Davis by his side. AD doesn’t play like himself, if you look closely, he’s having a bad season and he’s not up to par, except for one or two games. This season, AD was supposed to be the Lakers’ No.1 option, to be the franchise’s leading scorer, just like in his freshman year.

At the moment, he is light years away from what fans expect of him. But the last thing I want is Russell Westbrook to take on more responsibility. Do you really want to see an inefficient player who is used to losing balls do more? I want to see him less touch the ball in the absence of Anthony Davis.

Russell Westbrook has shown great things in recent weeks, but not enough to convince Shannon Sharpe… Even in the absence of Anthony Davis, the star consultant does not think the point guard capable of carrying the Lakers to victory and a decent place in the ranking. It’s up to him to prove that he can take care of the ball and be efficient, especially in hot weather.

Despite promising performances in recent times, Russell Westbrook still has a long way to go to gain the trust of Lakers fans. This period without Anthony Davis will be an excellent test for him and his teammates!

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