Westbrook loses his cool about Kawhi and the Clippers!

This Friday the Lakers will have to rub shoulders with the Clippers for one of the shocks of the season. Before the meeting, Russell Westbrook decided to appear in front of the media, and the point guard was totally cracked when discussing a rumor concerning Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers.

This Friday, all eyes will be on a meeting: the revenge between the Warriors and the Suns, the two best teams in the NBA at the start of the season. It must be said that after the spectacle of the last confrontation, there will undoubtedly be sparks and all the fans of collective basketball should be delighted. And then Stephen Curry had the worst game of his career, he must react.

ESPN Make no mistake about it since the broadcaster has decided to schedule this match instead of another expected shock: Lakers / Clippers. It must be said that the two enemy brothers are not necessarily in the best shape with barely positive results and major absences. Nicolas Batum was affected by COVID and missed the last few games, when Lebron james has tested positive, even though a huge turnaround could allow him to play.

Russell Westbrook at war with the sources

Before this derby, Russell westbrook, very good for a few weeks already, wanted to pass in front of the media… A very bad idea since the journalists decided to evoke the rumors according to which the leader would have initially called Kawhi leonard to join the Clippers. After this taboo question, Mr. Triple-Double got carried away for 3 minutes on the media.

Russell Westbrook: Who released this information? I know that several media have talked about it but who does it come from? If you don’t tell me where these rumors are coming from, I can’t answer your questions.

Bill Oram : I think ESPN talked about it first and then The Athletic.

Russell Westbrook: Which journalists? You can’t answer me, I don’t have an answer for you in return. If you can’t give me your source then I don’t know what you’re talking about.

You ask me questions based on articles written by other journalists, and you don’t know where they got their information from, or even if it is true. I don’t have the slightest connection with the media and they never come to me and say, « Russ a source just told me that. » You know that very well. I don’t let anyone speak for me. If the words don’t come out of my mouth, don’t use the sources excuse.

You can ask me questions, but you have to know how to do it. It is very important for me. Bill asked the question with a lot of bullshit around. You have to be direct with me, it has to be simple. Then I can respond, say « no », or decide to keep the answer to myself. I know there are a lot of sources, Ramona Shelburne released the story with Kawhi, but I’ve never spoken to Ramona in my life.

Russell Westbrook hates being spoken for and hates seeing rumors based on the word of an anonymous source. Unfortunately for him, a basic rule of journalism is to preserve the secrecy of the sources… He will have to live with it in Los Angeles.

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