Westbrook booed by Lakers fans, Davis reacts

The rift between Russell Westbrook and Lakers fans continues to widen, including whistles against the point guard in the last game. Anthony Davis was asked about the situation, and he wasn’t exactly sympathetic.

In theory, Russell Westbrook has everything to be loved by Lakers fans… He constantly wets the jersey, which is required in a franchise as prestigious as Los Angeles, he is a living legend in the league, thus fitting perfectly into the DNA of the Purple and Gold, and above all, he is still able to rise for particularly spectacular actions, enough to make the Crypto.com Arena jump.

Unfortunately, the start of the leader’s adventure in his hometown turned out to be a fiasco. He struggles to find his place behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and he seems to force his game. After more than fifty games played, he would even be sold off by his leaders, but his enormous salary acts as a brake in possible negotiations.

Anthony Davis understands the whistles of the public against Westbrook

Whether he stays or not, the situation will be particularly complicated to reverse. Indeed, the point guard was humiliated on several levels during the reception of the Knicks on Saturday evening. Already he has been benched for the entire extra time by Frank Vogel, a shock that follows to the whistles of the fans in the stands. After the meeting, Anthony Davis returned to these boos with a message by necessarily sympathetic.

Fans obviously want to see him play at a better level. He shouldn’t rack his brains, he should play and reassure himself by doing the little things.

No question for Anthony Davis to denounce this bronca from the fans, he preferred to focus his analysis of the situation on the performance of Russell Westbrook.

If he doesn’t say it concretely, he still justifies the boos by the level displayed by his teammate, which will not necessarily be good for the latter’s confidence… As if the public’s frustration was shared by the players. Hopefully he was a little nicer to the point guard in the locker room and helped him forget that humiliating streak.

But Mr. Triple-Double is no doubt well aware of his current difficulties, and he needs help more than criticism right now. Fortunately, he can count on the support of LeBron James, who still assumes his role as the perfect captain. As long as the King is with Westbrook, there is hope.

Russell Westbrook is starting to annoy Lakers fans, and Anthony Davis obviously understands their frustration. If the point guard expected to receive public and strong support from his teammate, he can still wait.

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