West Ham leader in Premier League in number of farts per game / England / West Ham / SOFOOT.com

They do not lack air.

This Saturday, West Ham lost to Wolverhampton their first game in a month and a half. But that the Hammers keep smiling: their supporters shine in their own ranking. According to the Daily Star, twelve farts are released on average per person and per match in the stands of the Olympic Stadium in London. Or double the national average, a real performance.

Surprise, Newcastle and Burnley complete the podium with eleven and nine gas per game respectively. Manchester United and Wolverhampton (8), Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Watford (7), Brentford (6), Manchester City, Tottenham, Leeds, Liverpool, Everton and Norwich (5), Leicester, Southampton (4) and Aston Villa ( 3). Unlike the true Premier League ranking that the Blues dominate, Chelsea is the dunce of the fart. Only two per game, as are the Brighton supporters.

Fortunately, no English stadium has a closed roof.

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