‘We’re going to have to replace him’: the Union (almost) acts on the departure of Dante Vanzeir in MLS

It was only a rumor at first but it has gained weight over the hours. In the thick of it with the Union for several weeks, Dante Vanzeir should not make old bones in the Pro League. According to the DH, he would indeed be closer and closer to the New York Red Bulls in MLS. So, where is this transfer? On the sidelines of the Golden Shoe ceremony, this Wednesday in Antwerp, we wanted to find out more by interviewing various members of the Union.

Questioned, the coach Karel Geraerts did not leave a lot of suspense. According to him, Vanzeir will leave: « You have to ask the management but I have the impression that he is going to leave. This is the life of a footballer. I am very happy for him. I am losing a good striker but that’s life. We will work to find solutions and continue. There are several other players who have this ability. There is no 2nd Dante Vanzeir but there are other players. If Dante leaves, we will have to replace him, yes » he confirmed at the microphone of Pascal Scime.

So what does management think? Like all directions, it is obviously more cautious. Even if we admit, on the side of Philippe Bormans, the CEO, that discussions are well underway: « If he leaves? I dare not say it. We are in negotiations. We will see which direction it will take. First and foremost, an agreement must be reached between the clubs. If so, it will be up to Dante to find an agreement with the club. If we have plans B to replace it? Plan B, plan C, you always have to be present in the market. A year ago, we decided to keep everyone together, we succeeded. Dante was one of the players who gave their word a year ago, we respect that. If he has the opportunity to improve and it’s a good deal for the club, anything is possible. We try to write our own story. Like every club, we have to sell players. So the objective is obviously not to sell players mid-season, but if the opportunity arises, we will be listening. The only concrete file is Dante Vanzeir. »

On his side, Anthony Morris preferred to highlight the collective effort that led to this eventual departure: « I told him about it. If he leaves, it’s a great reward for him. But he will not leave alone, it is the work of a whole club. It’s impossible to stand out alone. Either way, I wish him the best. »

New confirmation, half-word, that the short-lived 24-year-old Red Devil should indeed leave the Pro League in a few days. Now it just remains to know when.

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