« We’re going to go to their house, to their house, and send them on vacation! » « 

How good it is to retreveling playoffs with public, tension, intensity! Quite naturally, the trash-talking also resumes its rights during this postseason… And a player has just sent the ultimate tackle to his opponent before a potentially decisive match!

Who would have suspected that the most thrilling series of this first round of the playoffs would be the one between the Hawks and the Knicks ?! More than the field, it is all the tension that surrounds these clashes that makes this series so special after more than a year without supporters, and therefore without real flavor.

A player is revealed besides in this very particular context: Trae Young… Again compared to Luka Doncic by some, he proves every evening that he too has the level and the shoulders to carry a team. Insulted then humiliated after fan spit, Ice Trae does not lose his goal of seen, namely the qualification. And this conquering state of mind visibly influences all his teammates!

A few hours from a potentially decisive Game 5, Clint Capela, such an important player in Nate McMillan’s system, released the ultimate provocation against the Knicks! The Swiss pivot definitely has a lot of confidence in himself and in his teammates! The atmosphere will be all the more electric at Madison Square Garden!

The Knicks want to play hard, push our guys, talk badly… But we can do that too. We know how to push and trash-talker! What are you going to do to silence us? We play physical but we know how to win games. Now we will come to your place to win and to send you on vacation!

That is said! Clint Capela will do everything to send New York on vacation after 5 small games! And his level over the last few weeks suggests that he will have an impact on the final result of the meeting. Be careful all the same to the flashback …

The new rivalry between the Hawks and the Knicks is decidedly intense. Hopefully Game 5 will live up to all these fine words.

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