Wendie Renard regrets the slow evolution of women’s football

Women’s football has taken a significant place in the media world of football. In particular, there was a major event organized in France which was able to democratize the discipline. It was the 2019 World Cup that generated great commentary with a France team that reached the quarterfinals and generated great TV audiences. And since ? Where is women’s football, in fact?

“Behind the 2019 World Cup in France, we failed to ride this positive wave”

“Since my arrival in mainland France in 2006, there has been a real evolution. But behind the 2019 World Cup in France, we failed to ride this positive wave, said Wendie Renard, the defender of OL and Les Bleues, Thursday in L’Equipe. It was not just the Covid: we did not manage to keep this momentum and we are stagnating. We had a bit of a lead, at least at OL, and we facilitated the emergence of women’s football in France, but in Italy, Spain and England, they went professional, and we didn’t. »

Fox: “Something is missing”

The daughters of Corinne Deacon generate good audiences but it falls very quickly in terms of the Championship, except for a PSG-Lyon. And again, from time to time… “Something is missing. It’s less attractive, because we don’t do what it takes to make it so, ”regrets the iconic 32-year-old player. « We are lucky to be covered by the media and to have Canal +, but until there are real specifications, with quality stadiums, up to the broadcaster… There are stadiums where it’s not possible: you’re in front of the TV, and you zap », cowardly, bitter, Wendie Renard. Absent during the September rally, the defender was recalled Thursday by Corinne Deacon for the two friendlies against Germany (October 7) and Sweden (October 11), the last meetings before the draw for the European Cup. World 2023 which will take place on October 22 in Auckland.

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