Wendie Renard denounces the amateurism of women’s football in France

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This is an interview that should be talked about a lot in the days to come. At 32, Wendie Renard is embarking on a new season with Olympique Lyonnais, after winning the Champions League and the French championship last year, but also failing in the semi-finals of the Euro with his selection. Still just as determined, the defender nonetheless keeps a wise eye on the evolution of her sport across the country. A progression that she still considers too slow, as she expresses it at length in an interview with the daily the team.

“There are stadiums where it is not possible”

« Since my arrival in mainland France in 2006, there has been a real evolution. But behind the 2019 World Cup in France, we did not manage to ride this positive wave. It was not just the Covid : we have not managed to keep this momentum and we are stagnating. We had a bit of a lead, at least at OL, and we facilitated the emergence of women’s football in France, but in Italy, Spain and in England, they have gone professional, and not us, indicates the boss of the Lyonnaises. We are lucky to be covered in the media and to have Canal +, but as long as there are not real specifications, with quality stadiums, at the height of the broadcaster… There are stadiums where this is not possible: you are in front of the TV, and you zap, details the Martiniquaise by birth. At OL, we are considered like pros, but we’re managed by the FFF, not by a league, so we’re amateurs. It’s a problem. It doesn’t change anything in our life at OL, but it slows down the development of football. all feminine in France. The FFF must allow women’s football to have a League. In just over ten years, we have evolved, but not on that. It is absolutely necessary to move up a gear. It’s moving forward, but too slowly. »

Strong statements that will not fail to react and question the management of women’s football in France.

to summarize

According to Wendie Renard, the defender of the France team and Olympique Lyonnais, women’s football across the country is still struggling to develop. She denounces the lack of resources compared to other European countries.

Antoine Chirat

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