Wendie Renard, after France-Italy: « We’ve done great things but we haven’t won anything yet »


Wendie Renard, after Les Bleues’ big victory against Italy (5-1) for their first Euro match: “It gives confidence because every game, as I told you, is different. It’s never easy to enter a competition and we demonstrated it this (sunday) evening in a good way, with good goals too, good phases of play. But as I said, in the second half, we must be able to continue at the same pace and control the match and the subject a little more . Especially when you have mastered a first half like that, you have to be able to do the same in the second half.

But now, we have to stay positive and in any case, we won. And see you at the next game. Personally, this is not my first major competition and I know that a Euro is complicated and each match is difficult. Same, we said in 2007 that we had an easy group, we struggled against Iceland, Austria and Switzerland, so we have to remain humble. We had a good match, we did some great things this (sunday) evening but we haven’t won anything yet. This is only the first match and we will have to repeat the same performances, the same efforts during the second, third and after, we can attack another competition. »


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