Wembley was a virus nest during the Euro

British health authorities unveiled the results of a study on the contamination observed during the Euro final on July 11 on Saturday. Conclusion: this match won on the field by Italy (1-1 ap, 3 tab to 2 against England) was lost against the virus in the stands. According to figures from Public Health England, nearly 6,000 people out of the 67,000 spectators present in the London enclosure were already infected before attending (2,295) or were infected during (3,404).

This very high figure contrasts with the relatively low number of cases observed in other competitions in the United Kingdom, contemporaneous with the final, such as the F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone (585 infections for 350,000 spectators over a weekend) or the Wimbledon tournament (881 cases in two weeks out of 300,000 spectators).

Crowd movements and hugs between supporters

The explanation for the outbreak observed on July 11 at Wembley is multifactorial. The authors of the study cite the crowd movements that preceded the meeting when spectators without tickets forced access to the stadium. The non-wearing of the mask or the hugs between supporters in the stands are also pointed out.

That’s not all: the same study reveals that 9,000 cases of Covid-19 (people already contagious or infected on the spot) were observed during all eight matches played at Wembley.

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