Wembanyama’s honest post-match admission: ‘I just want…’


Fully into this Summer League now, Victor Wembanyama seduced the world with his match this Sunday evening. The Frenchman is relieved, especially because the worst is over after all this turmoil. It’s understandable, especially for a 19-year-old as a reminder.

Awkward during his first match with the Spurs, Victor Wembanyama corrected the situation this Sunday evening, with an insane performance for this new release. A great performance for the number 1 of the last draft, which pleases the supporters. It must be said that recently, Wemby can finally focus entirely on basketball and nothing else.

Wembanyama’s Huge Relief

Between the draft, the media and the many obligations for weeks, Victor is a relatively courted man outside the courts. Maybe too much. Never easy to manage all that for a 19 year old, especially with the pressure put on by the fans and certain journalists. At a press conference, Wemby acknowledges that he will not miss all this.

“The last month, I think basketball wasn’t even 50% of my time. It’s not for me. I know this is a special time in my life, but I’m glad it’s over. I just want to play basketball. »

Finishing first in the draft was a great moment for Wembanyama, but the many obligations that come with it are a problem. Victor couldn’t focus on basketball before the Summer League, which partly explains his mixed first game.

Can this force the NBA to revise its schedule? Maybe. Let’s now give the player time to rest, especially since he shouldn’t play again in the Summer League. The storm has passed for Wemby.

It sucks that players will have to go through the media

Victor Wembanyama clearly didn’t have the optimal preparation for the Summer League. This is why it is difficult to worry about so little, especially since the French rectified everything from his second outing. With basketball as a priority, Victor seems destined for success.


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