Wembanyama slams a furious match, the USA flabbergasted!

Metropolitans 92 may have lost their encounter to G-League side Ignite on Tuesday night, but Victor Wembanyama won it all. Dominant in all areas of the game, the Frenchman has undoubtedly just sealed his place as number 1 in the 2023 draft. Even if Scoot Henderson was excellent, Victor was a level above.

This Tuesday evening, several NBA meetings took place with in particular the great return of Zion Williamson with the Pelicans, and yet, the eyes were turned towards another match: that opposing the Metropolitans 92 to a selection of players from the G-League Ignite . In reality, fans were most passionate about the duel between Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson, for an unofficial place as number 1 in the draft.

Flamboyant, Wembanyama validates its place as number 1!

Scouts and fans will be reassured: Victor confirmed that he was indeed the best player of his vintage, with total domination. His team lost with a score of 122-115, but the interior crushed the competition on both sides of the court with numerous counterattacks (5), and an impressive three-point shot (7 in total!). After this game, there is no doubt that Wembanyama will be chosen number 1.

Victor burst the screen and finished with 37 points in total (122-115 defeat), confirming his status as the best player of the next vintage. So don’t be surprised to see a crowd of franchises pull out the tank to get the first pick, as the Frenchman convinced all observers on Tuesday. He can even put it back on Thursday evening, for a second confrontation.

Simply too strong, Victor Wembanyama destroyed Scoot Henderson in their ranged duel. An incredible performance for the Frenchman, who has probably just confirmed that he will be the first choice of the 2023 draft, barring a huge accident. It remains to be seen which team will have the pleasure of welcoming him.

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