Wembanyama rival Kenneth Lofton Jr., 125 kilos, hits the mark in NCAA!

Hero of the last final of the U19 Worlds, to the detriment of Victor Wembanyama, Kenneth Lofton Jr. pursues his little fellow in the college of Louisiana Tech. He does so brilliantly, since he destroys one by one the opposing rackets on the NCAA circuit!

If France had lifted the trophy on July 11, the identity of the MVP of the competition would not have been the subject of any debate, with a Victor Wembanyama in the oven and in the mill for his selection. Executioners of the Blueberries, the Americans, on the other hand, could have seen several of their players inherit this title. And if it is in the end the star Chet Holmgren who was appointed by the judges, the unknown Kenneth Lofton Jr. could quite have claimed it.

Best player in the final against the French, with 16 points and 7 cumulative rebounds, the imposing big man also finished his team’s top scorer throughout the tournament (13.1 points per game). What to make a name for itself with the general public, and land in NCAA with a certain label that he justifies on his debut with the Bulldogs at Louisiana Tech.

Still dominant, Kenneth Lofton Jr. shines in NCAA

Not necessarily very popular when he left high school, Lofton Jr. must certainly cause some regrets among recruiters in the college league. A major player in his college, the 2m01 interior has impressed since the start of the season, with 19.4 points (59% shooting), 11.3 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game. His 125 kilos are still wreaking havoc on the enemy’s rackets!

After some slightly timid first steps, KLJ is even starting to show an explosive cruising speed. Author of a cardboard 36 points and 18 rebounds against NC State, a few days ago, the U19 world champion repeated this Saturday, with 31 points and 14 rebounds against Santa Clara. At this rate, he could quickly climb in Draft projections, which put him so far at the start of the second round 2022!

Sensation of the last U19 World Cup with Victor Wembanyama, Kenneth Lofton Jr. continues to make his XXL physique speak on the NCAA floors. Like what, the big man does not rely only on an extraordinary size, but also on an immense dose of talent!

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