Wembanyama provoked: « He’s going to be better than him, that’s for sure »

Almost guaranteed to be number 1 in the next draft, Victor Wembanyama is considered one of the best prospects in the league. And yet, that does not mean that he will have the best career, since other players can claim this privilege. Some even think that Scoot Henderson is destined for a bigger future…

Expected in the 2023 draft, Victor Wembanyama continues to delight the Metropolitans 92 for the next few months. Vincent Collet is still counting on him, while the Frenchman continues his rise with one objective: to be the first choice next June. There is however competition, like Scoot Henderson in the G-League. The leader has made a strong impression recently:

Victor Wembanyama deprived of first place?

It will take a lot more to change the hierarchy with the scouts, but it’s important not to snub the rest of the draft after Victor. Henderson is already considered a great talent, capable of changing the lead of a team for the next 15 seasons in the NBA. Some even think he is destined to achieve a better career than Wemby in the long run.

Scoot will be better than Wembanyama

Damn, Wemby gotta hit back with something

so much hype with Wembanyama that they forget this guy is a killer

If Victor Wembanyama has been making the buzz for months, be careful not to forget Scoot Henderson. The leader is already chaining the prowess, and count on him to give his maximum in order to recover this number 1 place. The 2023 vintage looks promising in any case.

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