Wembanyama arrives in the NBA, there is already a first discomfort



Wembanyama arrives in the NBA, there is already a first discomfort

Published on June 25, 2023 at 04:35

On the night of Thursday to Friday, Victor Wembanyama was chosen in first position in the NBA Draft by the San Antonio Spurs. A very important moment for the young Frenchman, which officially marks the beginning of his adventure in America. But the former Metropolitans 92 player also has upcoming deadlines with the France team, including the World Cup. But his coach, Greg Popovich, does not know if he will be able to compete.

When NBA Draft, the whole world had its eyes on Victor Wembanyama. The young Frenchman was normally expected to be the first choice, and it did not fail. He was chosen first by the San Antonio Spursthe former franchise of a certain Tony Parker. There is still a long way for the 19-year-old to reach all four league titles NBA of TPbut hopes are high.

After Parker, Popovich will coach Wembanyama

The arrival of Wembanyama first of all delighted his coach Greg Popovich. The coach of Spurs since 1996 spoke at a press conference about his new player, and this, in remarks relayed by RMC Sports.  » I am very excited. You don’t want me jumping around or acting out, do you? I would do a somersault, but it would take three months… »

Will Wembanyama take part in the World Cup?

Although he’s gone to the other side of theAtlantic, Wembanyama don’t forget the France. Precisely, the new player of Spurs hope to compete World Cup with the Blues, which will take place between August 25 and September 10. The 19-year-old had indicated that he had the will to play it, but that he had to come to terms with his franchise. And precisely, this is where there can be a problem. In effect, Greg Popovich could refuse the Frenchman’s request, in order to avoid any risk of injury before the start of the season. The coach of Spurs has also maintained the suspense on the subject at a press conference. « We haven’t made a decision on that yet. » Without Wembythere France would lose a weighty asset for the world title.


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