Welcome aboard the Boeing 777X

15 NOV. 2021 | Emilie Drab Duba | 1015 words Dubai Airshow: Welcome

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It is the great novelty of the show: the very first 777-9 produced by Boeing and used for almost two years for flight tests is presented at the Dubai Airshow. To come, the aircraft made its first flight outside the United States and its first long-haul flight, connecting Seattle Duba in about fifteen hours.

It is now present all week on the static and also participates in the flight demonstrations. The Aviation Journal was able to visit it.

Photo Le Journal de l’Aviation – all rights reserved
Of course, for the very first test 777X, which does most of the performance testing, the device is packed with test equipment.

Photo Le Journal de l’Aviation – all rights reserved
However, we can already see that the cockpit has been largely modernized compared to the 777. Equipped with large touch screens of 12 …

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