Weber: « We have a group that does not give up »


MONTREAL – Following the meeting, Tyler toffoli, Shea weber and Jesperi Kotkaniemi answered questions from the media.

They were followed by head coach Dominique Ducharme.

Here are some excerpts from the virtual press conferences.

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Toffoli on the Habs scoring their first two goals of the series on the power play:

“We scored the first goal by picking up a puck in front of the net and Nick played a good game on the second. We worked and talked a lot about our power play, and the fact that we not only have to score goals, but also take a certain pace. I think we did well. We had several opportunities to capitalize. They have a good goalie, but we held up. We have reached the ultimate match. « 

Video: Toffoli on the energy of the Bell Center crowd

Toffoli on staying focused in overtime after losing a two-goal lead in the third period:

“This is hockey. You just gotta find a way. One shot is enough to win. Would we have liked better to be in their zone all the time in overtime? Yes, but that is not what happened. We just found a way and that’s what the good teams do. « 

Weber on the character of the team after avoiding elimination twice:

“It says a lot. We have a group that doesn’t give up. Even though we escaped advances in the last few games, we fought. I think Pricey was amazing. He kept us in the game, especially in overtime, and he gave us a chance. Obviously, it was a shot that made the difference. « 

Video: Weber on playing important minutes

Weber on the energy of the 2,500 supporters in the amphitheater:

“You could hear them before the game and the warm-up. I still had chills. Honestly, it was amazing. I felt there were a lot more than 2,500 people. It was unbelievable. I can’t imagine what the atmosphere might be like with 20,000 supporters, because it was electrifying despite the small number. « 

Kotkaniemi on his winning goal in overtime:

“It was pretty amazing. I think it was probably my very first overtime goal. It is quite remarkable. It’s a great feeling, especially with the fans in the stands. It gives you goosebumps. It is an incredible feeling. It’s hard to describe. « 

Video: Kotkaniemi on his winning goal in overtime

Kotkaniemi on having fans at the Bell Center for the first time since March 10, 2020:

“Seeing people with the towels, we’ve been waiting for that all year. The new guys were talking about this. It was really special to see the fans. I think we finally have the feeling that we are heading in the right direction. « 

Ducharme on Kotkaniemi and his winning goal:

 » I’m happy for him. I like the way he’s played since the start of the playoffs. I felt he really needed the week of training before starting the playoffs and taking that step back. I am happy to see that he is rewarded. He understood what was going on. He worked and he put in the effort. It’s good to see that a player can be rewarded like this. « 

Video: Ducharme on the leadership of Carey Price

Ducharme on the impact of a player like Corey perry:

“We have often talked about what he brings to a team. He’s an incredible competitor. He’s a winner. It is inspiring for our young people, and even for our oldest ones. « 


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