« We will be in the Finals next year, I have no doubts about that »

As we know, winning the NBA title is the dream of every player, especially top names on an individual level. It is hardly surprising to hear some say they want to be champion the following year. A multiple All-Star recently announced the color for 2021-22.

This season has been a real emotional lift for Golden State. The night of the draft, last November, the franchise learned of the relapse of Klay Thompson, who would miss his second season in a row. The campaign had also started very badly for GS thereafter, and we felt a dying new year to come for the fans of the Bay…

And then came spring, and with it a Stephen curry of god’s fire. Led by their playmaker, the Warriors finally snatched the Play-In-Tournament. And if they haven’t made it to the playoffs, confidence is back in California. Just ask the players what they think …

In the case of Draymond green, for example, his opinion on the coming season could not be clearer. During an FAQ organized with Bleacher Report, the three-time champion strong-winger did not mince his words on the subject:

I think we will win the Finals again next year. No doubt about it.

It is clearly not the doubt that stifles him, as often with the Dancing Bear. It must be said that with the scheduled return of Klay Thompson, the Warriors have enough to quickly become contenders again. Especially since the Californian front office has planned to inject new blood into the workforce, with probably a large-caliber interior to go for this summer.

Separately, Dray also shared his impressions of the opponents he has faced in his career. A formidable defender, he notably has a very interesting opinion on offensive players. Asked about the most difficult cases to manage in this area, the DPOY 2017 cited two men in particular:

Kevin Durant. No one is impossible to defend, but he is as close to the impossible as possible. And Manu Ginobili. He used to move downward, but moving sideways. As soon as you see him moving to the left… you knew you were going to take a eurostep.

Still as confident, Draymond Green therefore affirms that Golden State will lift the Larry O’Brien trophy at the end of the next season. It remains to assume these words by keeping the promise made to the fans of the Bay.

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