we take stock of the conference finals! Aperitif TrashTalk

We are entering the last corner of these Conference Finals and the suspense is just as great! The perfect time to sit down in front of a small aperitif and take stock of each other’s situation. Are you ready ? Come on, let’s go!

Here, the link supposed to accompany absolutely all your days

Already five rounds played in the West, a fourth which will be played tonight on the other side of the country, you will understand: the decision should not delay on both sides. Who to reach the NBA Finals then? In the West, the bets are on a possible comeback of the Clippers who saved their skin last night with a titanic Paul George. Can the Angelinos again cheat the predictions and come back when they were down 3-1? This will require two more victories over Devin Booker and Chris Paul, who does not seem to have fully recovered. A cause for concern ahead for the Suns? In the East too, the suspense remains with a Game 4 tonight and Atlanta which could come back to 2-2. It is still necessary that Trae Young is dressed and without the receding hairline, we do not really give the skin of the Hawks a lot, especially since Milwaukee seems to have really entered its final. Two elements that could quickly turn this series into an unbalanced fight? It is far from impossible.

You know the formula. We settle down comfortably, we have something to nibble on, we listen and we react if we want, all in a good mood.

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