we take stock after 4 matches! Aperitif TrashTalk

A week and a half after the start of the 2021 NBA Playoffs, four games have been played in all series. The opportunity to make a new checkpoint on these sometimes sharp games and sometimes less. Surprises, confirmations and the first eliminated. Come on, we send the results a little more than halfway in this first lap!

Here, the link supposed to accompany absolutely all your days

Where to start ? The last ten days have been like our sleep: very restless. Between the early elimination (the polite way of saying sweep) of the Heat a year after reaching the NBA Finals and the return of the Clippers after finding themselves with their backs to the wall, hands handcuffed and blindfolded in their series against the Mavericks , there are things to tell. But we must also talk about the Nets, Jazz, Sixers and Hawks, well on their way to deliver the final blow to their respective opponents. In the West, it is tighter with three series tied after four games. We have already mentioned a franchise in Los Angeles when the Lakers are not at best at the dawn of Game 5 in which Anthony Davis may not participate. Finally, Portland and Denver are still left to make the fun last until the weekend with a new Game 7 which is already emerging on the horizon. That makes them subjects to tackle during this almost full hour of Apéro TrashTalk on the poufs.

You know the formula. We settle down comfortably, we have something to nibble on, we listen and we react if we want. Come on, let’s go!

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