we said goodbye to some friends but the basis of the base … is that the Clippers are irrecoverable

Three franchises on vacation and Clippers as eternal chokers, here is the summary in one line of this new night of Playoffs. But as we are nice we do it for you in a little longer so put your lights, this is where it happens.

The matches of the night

What you must remember

Sixers – Wizards: The Wizards’ season is now over. Joel Embiid was still absent on the Philly side but Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris, Seth Curry, Dwight Howard or an astonishing Tyrese Maxey finally saved theirs from eating an extra game. Immense pain to say goodbye for a few months to the fabulous circus orchestrated by Bradley Beal, undisguised joy at no longer seeing Scott Brooks pretend to draw systems, and the Sixers who have in any case done the job and who are now waiting on foot closes little Trae Young at the reception. Come on, let’s skip the second and we wish the apprentice Sorcerers a happy holiday.

Knicks – Hawks: Madison Square Garden rumbled, but Madison Square Garden again witnessed air conditioning à la Trae Young. Iron defense, organized attack, and a Game 5 won in a logical way by the future opponents of the Sixers. The shaggy leader was phenomenal again, the Knicks were washed out, and if the Hawks have done badly, everyone is leaving this series with the guarantees they deserve. A real series of Playoffs in East Coast mode, played in sweat and screams but finished with the greatest of respect. What the fuck does that feel good.

Jazz – Grizzlies: a nice series, but a not really fair series that ends. Very good Grizzlies but excellent Jazzmen, a Ja Morant who ends his first playoff campaign on the hats – top hats – of wheels, but if the Jazz are the best team in the League this season it is not certainly not to lose to pump fakes from Jonas Valanciunas. Donovan Mitchell has been monstrous, the Jazz as a whole has been enormous in skill, and Rudy Gobert and his little buddies can now wait to find out which of the Mavericks or the Clippers will fall into their trap in the next round.

Clippers – Mavericks: so they will do it again for us every year. The Clippers were thought to be cured of some of their ailments after two wins in Dallas that allowed them to regain their home advantage in the series, but last night the Clippers were, once again, the plaything of an incredible Luka Doncic, all without giving off an ounce of reaction. Kawhi Leonard was ghostly or almost, Tyronn Lue offered the match point to… Terance Mann, and if a crazy last minute almost gave them the loot from the dirtiest heist of the season, in the end the Mavs deserve their victory and now lead 3-2. When you want you guys to win at home, it was well worth calling the audience back to theaters.

The top pick in TTFL: Luka Doncic

The Top 10: THE

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Series update

  • Bucks – Heat: 4-0
  • Net – Celtics: 4-1
  • Sixers – Wizards: 4-1
  • Knicks – Hawks : 1-4
  • Clippers – Mavericks: 2-3
  • Nuggets – Blazers: 3-2
  • Suns – Lakers: 3-2
  • Jazz – Grizzlies: 4-1

The evening program

  • 2h: Blazers – Nuggets
  • 4:30 am: Lakers – Suns

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