We read: Ferrari, illustrated overview of the models

We read: Ferrari, illustrated panorama

Bring together all the Ferraris produced or designed since the creation of the brand in less than 200 pages?

A bet a priori impossible but nevertheless successful for this book published by ETAI, which also lists the cars driven by Enzo Ferrari (at Alfa Romeo and AAC) before founding his own brand.

In this book, the chronological evolution is the norm and the different models of cars produced by Ferrari are traversed. The bonus? F1 single-seaters and Endurance GTs are also listed in photos or 3D renderings.

Of course, with so many models to present, the book fully justifies its name with a very large part devoted to illustrations, punctuated by presentation technical sheets.

This book « does the job » to quickly list the incredible production of the Prancing Horse, without having to invest in an encyclopedia on the brand. Useful when you want to quickly check the year of birth of a model, its variations and its shapes.

Number of pages: 192 pages

Author: Didier BORDES

EAN 13: 9791028302948

Publisher: ETAI ALBUMS

Size: 240X290mm

Number of illustrations: 210

Weight: 1304g

Price: €42, to be ordered from the publisher here.

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