« We know which championship we are playing », assures Laurent Batlles

The Trojan coach takes stock of his team’s defeat in a Velodrome that he knows well.

Laurent Batlles (trainer of Troyes, beaten 1-0 in Marseille ) : « I regret the first period, with shots not played properly. But we played the game we wanted to play, defend by advancing, win duels, hurt them … We did it well in the first half, less then. But we have found an ambitious team, which plays and seeks solutions to embarrass the opponent. Even if it’s in an empty stadium, we play against a team that is playing for the title and we had a good match even if we were not up to what we want to do in terms of technical accuracy in the Last 20 meters. OM have a large squad to play on all fronts, so I wasn’t betting on their fatigue. We wanted to go find them and tactically we did some interesting things. But to hope to win, you have to score and be more relevant in the last move.

We know which championship we are playing. One point would have allowed us to be a little better but the end is the last day and we will fight until the end. We have to win games at home, that’s where our championship will be. We have to improve ourselves by keeping the confidence in what we do. I am also disappointed to come to this stadium and not to see the supporters, neither those of OM nor ours. That’s a shame. We know where we are. We have to move forward, play to gain points. For that we have to improve on certain points.« 

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