We know the price of Erling Haaland, and it’s not that expensive

The Norwegian striker can leave Dortmund for « only » 75 million, according to an indiscretion from Oliver Kahn.

How much will the transfer of Erling Haaland, which could be the biggest transaction in post-covid football, cost? The Norwegian striker promises to be one of the main leaders of the next transfer window, and, unlike Kylian Mbappé, he is not free next June. But during his transfer from Salzburg to Dortmund, Mino Raiola took care to include in the contract of the young Norwegian a secret release clause that can be activated from June 2022.

During his last speech, Mino Raiola had tried to bring the suspense to life, announcing in an interview that only he, the player and the Dortmund club knew the amount of this release clause.

Signing bonus auctions

Except that Raiola does not only have friends in the world of football and that some were not asked to swing the figure, like Oliver Kahn who explains in an interview with Picture that Bayern did not intend to pay the 75 million euros of the clause. A number that brand was able to confirm. But let Mino Raiola be reassured, if this clause seems « affordable » for a player of the caliber of Haaland, the clubs concerned will have to fight with singature bonuses, on which the agent will receive a significant percentage.

« Can Haaland wait in Barcelona? Haaland can wait for everyone, » Mino Raiola said of his client on Sunday for the Dutch channel Nos. We have no prior agreement with any club. The bidding is on, and if the starting bid seems low, it could go very high.

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